Goodbye Letter From Sean💌



Dear Hachioji Students,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for making my time teaching at NOVA such an amazing experience. You made teaching each lesson enjoyable and fun. You truly taught me a lot about teaching English and myself! I hope you felt comfortable in my classes and were able to learn a thing or two. Hachioji as a city has been a very comfortable place to live, and has many great things about it, for example all the parks, mountains and rivers in the area. You should all be proud to live in such a nice community.


I hope you all continue to study at NOVA Hachioji, and show the new teacher the same acceptance and warmth that you showed me. I know the incoming teacher will be able to provide you with the quality lessons that NOVA provides. Please continue to chase your English goals! As for me, I will be volunteering for Tokyo 2020 at the Aska Shooting Range, helping with the media. If you get the chance, please tune in.


Many thanks,



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