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Learning Tip! Skill-Focused Learning

Hello everyone! Today I thought I could share one approach I take to improving one’s skill. This can of course be applied to language learning but also to any other skill out there. I’m not sure of the proper name but I personally like to call it “skill-focused learning”.

So what is Skill-Focused Learning?
It’s actually quite simple. It’s learning and practicing just ONE specific skill at the one time.

For example, you want to learn how to talk about your weekend but to truly express everything that happened and was felt on the weekend is quite the difficult and complex task. So break down the task to simple skill areas.

Lets start with, Simple Past.

e.g. I went to the shop. I bought a new shirt.

Practice using the simple past tense of this verb until you are comfortable making these sentences without much thinking. You need to build a habit of forming these sentences.

Next, focus on a different skill – describing the time.

e.g. I went to the shop in the morning. I bought a new shirt on Sunday.

Again, practice until you can make these sentences comfortably without much thinking. The ideal is to get as close to mastery of that specific skill before moving on to the next one.
By repeating this process over and over again, you will build a bigger resource of ways you can communicate.

To summarize;

1. Focus on one specific skill.
2. Practice until confident and comfortable using it.
3. Find another specific skill.
4. Repeat process.

I believe this is a little difficult at first as you need to know what you’re good at and what you need to practice. However, the more you get accustomed to using this approach, the more efficient your learning will be.

Give it a try and I hope this will be a little helpful for your learning journey!

Thank you








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