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“Breathe. I learned in college by being a member of the Speech and Debate club that the key to speaking, whether in your native language or another, is to speak clearly and smoothly. Many students worry about being fast, because their image of fluency is speed. No, fluency is a marathon, not a sprint. When it comes to learning any new skill, it’s much better to be smooth. Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast.”

(日本語)呼吸してください。 私は大学でスピーチ&ディベート部に所属し、母国語であろうと他言語であろうと、会話の鍵は明瞭かつスムーズに話すことだと学びました。多くの生徒さんは、流暢と言えば速く話すことというイメージがあるのか、「速く話せるかどうか」を気にします。しかしそれは間違いです。流暢さとは所謂、「長い距離を一定のペースでスムーズに走り切るマラソン」であり、速さだけに集中して短距離をただ疾走することではありません。どんな新しいスキルを学ぶにしても、ただ速くこなすことよりも、安定的にスムーズである方がずっといいのです。だから、速く話すことができなくても心配することはありません。ゆっくりでいいのです。ゆっくりはスムーズ。スムーズは結果的に速さに繋がります。


I initially came to Japan because I studied Japanese language and literature in college, then I graduated with a degree in English and didn’t know what kind of job I wanted. So, my advisor and my Japanese language professors suggested I look into teaching English in Japan as a way to travel abroad for an extended period of time. I lived in Aomori for a year, then I returned to America to spend time with my family so that I could move back to Japan permanently. I fell in love both with Japan and in Japan and now my wife and I are building our loves together here in Japan, where we intend to stay for a very long time.”


”Well… my wife and I had our first baby last year, so whenever we get some free time, we mostly spend it sleeping. Although, I love traveling around Japan and visiting historical sites like famous shrines and temples. A few years ago, I bought a goshuincho(御朱印帳) from Honnoji temple in Kyoto with the intention of using this goshuincho to track the life of Oda Nobunaga. The first goshuin(御朱印) was from Nagoya Castle, because I heard a story that he was born in that castle. I intend to get goshuin from places that correspond to where he was at the time with the last goshuin coming from Azuchi Castle Ruins and then the book returns to Honnoji, where he died.

Other than that, I love to cook and play games. I’ve been especially into card games recently. My number one hobby when I was in America was collecting American comics, mostly featuring Batman. I probably have nearly 5000 comic books in my collection and getting them sent from America to Japan is going to be really hard…”



My family. Although, now that I have made my own family here in Japan, plus I can still talk to my family via online applications, it’s become a lot easier recently. I also miss being able to drive wherever I want to go. I’ve been driving since I was 16 years old, so my body missed being behind the steering wheel and going on a long drive through my favorite areas. And the last thing I miss about America is how casual people can be with complete strangers. My wife and I visited America for Christmas in 2023 and she was able to see how friendly and casual people could be, even to people they meet for the first time. She was nervous at first, but she had a wonderful time.”


I think I have two: the most important thing for me is that I understand exactly how hard it is to learn a language that is so fundamentally different from your own. I’ve been studying Japanese for years, and yet I still feel like a beginner. These things take time and so I try to help my students achieve their goals patiently and with no small amount of compassion. The second thing is that I’m one of the few teachers in NOVA with a degree in English and history of Latin study, so I understand English in a way that most of my hard-working colleagues don’t. I know where it came from and what it can be used to do, rather than just how to speak it.”








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