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“I strongly feel that learning a second language, whatever that is, enriches you as a person. You get to see the world through a different culture’s eyes, read books and watch movies in their original language! It can be a very rewarding endeavour, but also really fun. Let’s learn together.”



“I first visited Japan 20 years ago to see a concert in Tokyo. I had been aware of Japan since I was a child watching anime and over the years had grown very fond of Japanese music, video games and robots (I collect Transformers!). I quickly realized that I needed to come back and stay longer to take in all the amazing things around me. Then life happened, but now, finally, here I am!”


”If the weather is good, I try to see new things in Hyogo and beyond. I visit Osaka a lot for Namba and Den-Den Town (I can spend all day in anime and toy shops), Kyoto, Kobe and Nara. On longer breaks I’ve been to Hokkaido, Tokyo and Yokohama. My next trip will be to Kyushu! I love to walk around new places, take pictures and try different food. As I’ve developed an interest in the Edo period, I sometimes try to match my travel to my historical interests. Then again, some weeks I just stay home and play videogames. Oh, and study Japanese.”

(日本語)天気が良ければ、兵庫県内外で新しいものにトライしています。大阪にはとても良く訪れていて、特に難波やでんでんタウン(アニメ/おもちゃ屋さんで一日中でも遊べます)、京都、神戸、奈良にも行きます。長期休暇には北海道、東京、横浜に行ったこともあります。ちなみに次の旅行は九州に行く予定です!新しい場所を歩き回ったり、写真を撮ったり、いろいろな食べ物を試したりするのが大好きです。それと最近、江戸時代に興味を持つようになりました。なので、歴史的な興味に合わせて旅をすることもありますね! そしてまた、家でテレビゲームをして過ごすだけの週もあります。あ、日本語の勉強もします。"

Betty’s tearoom cakes and Yorkshire tea (I brought a box, but just run out!). I really missed Christmas with my family. Christmas day is very culturally important in the UK and it felt really strange not to be there. I haven’t missed the rain, but I think I will be missing the mild summers soon.”

(日本語)Betty’s tearoom のケーキとヨークシャー・ティー(一箱持ってきたんだけど、ちょうどなくなっちゃった!)。それと昨年は家族とのクリスマスが本当に恋しかったです。イギリスではクリスマスが文化的にとても重要で、そこにいないのは本当に不思議な気分だった。雨は恋しくなかったけど、もうすぐ穏やかな夏が恋しくなると思う。

”That’s not really for me to say, but I hope it comes across that I’m enthusiastic about helping students learn. I try to build student confidence and create a safe space where mistakes are treated with humour so everyone can fail, but keep learning. I can be very flexible in my man-to-man lessons, so if there is a specific approach you want to try, let me know!”








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