My Hometown

Today I want to tell you a little bit about my hometown of Nottingham in England.

I wasn`t born in Nottingham,I moved there when I was 9 years old from Zimbabwe.However it was where I grew up and will always be my hometown to me!

Nottingham is a city about 300km north of London.It`s not big like Tokyo or London,I`d say it`s probably about the same size as Hiroshima.

When people ask me about Nottingham I usually say it`s famous for 2 things.The first is that Robin Hood came from Nottingham.Robin Hood was an outlaw who it`s said stole from the rich to give to the poor.It`s a very famous story in England and there has been many movies and TV shows about him.Maybe the most famous movie starred Kevin Costner and Bryan Adams sang the theme song which was very successful! Many of Nottingham`s tourist attractions like Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle are from the Robin Hood story!

The second is Nottingham Forest Football Club.They`re not even in the Premier League now but 40 years ago we had the best soccer team in the world and won the European Cup and English League.The manager,Brian Clough,is very famous in the soccer world and there are statues of him in Nottingham.

Most of my growing up was done in Nottingham,and it`s still where most of my family lives.I hope I can go back for a holiday once flying is normal again!

Michael Antoniadis




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