Food recommendations – Cafes in Australia.

Hi everyone, my name is Hiroki, and today I am sharing about some cafe foods and drinks you should try if you ever visit Gold Coast or any other city in Australia!

First is coffee! Australia has great coffee and we love espresso style coffee such as latte and cappuccino.
However, we have our own unique style called “flat white”. Essentially, it is a stronger version of a latte.
So if you like coffee that is less milky with a stronger coffee kick, Flat White is the way to go.

And if what you want is something cold to cool you off under the warm Aussie sun. Then I recommend you to try our “ice coffee”. This is different to the typical latte with ice. This is a mix of an espresso shot (usually two), cold milk and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. The perfect blend of sweet and bitter.

At the same time you are trying the coffee, you MUST try some of our brunch (Breakfast/Lunch) menus.
This can range from your typical western breakfast with bacon, egg, toast and hash browns (Yum!), Eggs Benedict to unique menus that is only available at each specific cafes! I have had my share of dishes such as Grilled Banana Cinnamon French Toast, Potato Hash-Cakes and Gourmet Club Sandwiches.

Although we may be limited in what we can do right now, keep your heads up because things are already starting to look better and I am sure the opportunity to travel will come before you know it!


個人的にはGrilled Banana Cinnamon French Toastを”flat white”と一緒にトライしたいです!


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