How are you?? NOVA広島駅前校で大人気のMarichen(マリヘン)先生のご紹介です☆☆いつも明るくチャーミングで、とても暖かい先生です♪是非お時間がございましたら是非Marichen先生のレッスンを取ってみてください!


My name is Marichen. I’m from South Africa. I’ve lived in Japan for 3 months. I graduated as an Ideation Deisgner in 2018. During my studies I worked as a piano teacher at a French elementary school in Cape Town, South Africa. That’s where I discovered my love for teaching. Now, I teach at Ekimae, Kure, and Hondori. My hobbies include painting, reading crime-fiction novels, and trying different Japanese foods. So far I’ve tried okonomiyaki, sushi, udon, ramen, and yakitori, and hotpot. Udon is by far my favourite.

Japan is a fantastic country full of interesting people and I look forward to meeting each of you soon!


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