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Staff: What is your favourite Japanese food?

Brogan: My favourite foods so far in Japan are gyudon and tempura but there are so many new foods I have not tried yet!

Staff: What are some famous foods from New Zealand?

Brogan: Marmite is a popular topping for toast and sandwiches. Similar to natto in Japan, Marmite is usually only enjoyed by local people. It is made from fermented yeast and is very salty and bitter. Another famous food from New Zealand is pavlova which is a white cake made from eggs similar to meringue.

Staff: What is the biggest difference between Japan and New Zealand?

Brogan: The biggest difference for me is definitley the population! The population of the Tokyo area is around 39 million, however the population of New Zealand is only 5 million.

Staff: Where is your favourite place in Tokyo?

Brogan: My favourite place in Tokyo is Shibuya, it has many interesting shops, museums, galleries and resturants. It also has the busiest crossing in the world 250,000 use this crossing everyday.




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