Staff: Hey James, how’s it going?

  James: Good, you?

  Staff: Great thanks, I’m happy it’s going to be spring soon.

      How do you like the spring season in Japan?

  James: I love spring here. The temperature is perfect and

     the sun is usually out. I also like how people’s attitude

     changes in spring with the likes of ‘hanami’ parties

     and generally spending more time outside.

  Staff: Is it the same in the UK?


  James: There are similarities, sure. But we don’t have

      the same culture of visiting parks so often that comes

      from the love of cherry blossoms in Japan.

      We do have a lot of hay fever though in the UK, just like Japan!

  Staff: Interesting…. Many people in Japan go to the doctor’s or

     take medicine, it has been more severe lately. How about the UK?

  James: I’d say that it’s less common for people to suffer

      from hay fever  in the UK. Many do suffer but

      I think in Japan the percentage of the population is

      higher. In the UK we just take some tablets.

      I’ve noticed that the tablets in Japan are stronger!

      Also, in the UK we don’t wear masks over our mouths at all,

      that’s unique to Asian countries!

   Staff: Yes, I’ve heard that! Last spring was your first spring

        in Japan,  right? What did you do?

    James: Well, my parents visited me for the first time so

      I spent a lot of time with them. My mum was OBSESSED

      with cherry blossoms so we went to Showa Kinen Park,

     Kunitachi, Meguro, Kawaguchiko and more.

     It was like a cherry blossom tour- she loved it!

     I was a little bored of cherry blossoms after so many, if I’m honest.


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