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I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

“I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside” is a very well-known and loved British music hall song written in 1907 and has been sung by countless singers over the years. It expresses the joy of the historic British working-class tradition of spending a summer vacation or weekend trip at one of the UK`s many beach town resorts. I remember my mother and grandmother singing this song often while showing me adorable black and white photos of their youth spent near the sea.

Although the Great British Summer is famously not very pleasant (drizzly, cloudy, rarely sunny), I have such fond and nostalgic memories of going to the seaside on those rare nice days. My favorite place to visit was Southend-on-Sea. It had (and still has) the largest pier in Europe, filled with small arcades, pubs (often filled with people singing along to British and Cockney music hall music), bowling alleys, souvenir shops, greasy spoon cafes, donut stalls, fish and chip stands, and many ice cream vans.

I think so many of my favorite things to in Japan when hanging out with my friends reflect my happy times beside the seaside when I was younger: going to game centers, playing billiards and darts, singing karaoke, enjoying a beer on the beach and visiting small amusement parks. There`s a pure, simple, summery joy in all of these that is so close to my heart.

British Seaside Vocabulary

Pier – A long wooden structure that extends from the shore into the sea. It usually features cafes, food stands, small arcades and souvenir shops.

Deckchair – A lightweight portable chair with a foldable wooden frame and a fabric seat, usually with a stripy pattern. Made so sunbathers can move easily to the spots with the most sun, or away from the sea when the tide comes in.

Punch and Judy – A traditional puppet show often performed in British seaside resorts during the summer.

99 Flake – A soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone topped with a Cadbury chocolate flake.

Popeye – A soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone topped with an ice lolly. This absolutely ridiculous creation is unique to the south of England.

Donkey rides – A popular activity in British seaside resorts – riding a small donkey (a small, sturdy member of the horse family, historically used to carry heavy things) along the beach.

Chip butty – The thing I miss most about the UK. A buttered bread roll filled with chip shop chips. Deliciously unhealthy.

イギリス出身のJoe先生オススメの”I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside”







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