Are you familiar with the saying “No pain, no gain.” ?
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, In March of 2020 I stopped going to the gym to train and excercise. With the idea of StayHome to help prevent spreading the virus, over the following months I gained some ‘corona weight.’ I decided to finally do something about it this year.
I have been regularly doing workouts at home since April of this year. I invested in some resistance bands that have replaced the weights and machines I used to use in the gym. And I have recently made “No pain, no gain” the motto for my workouts.
No pain, no gain is actually an old proverb. It was made popular in the 1980s as an exercise motto by Jane Fonda and later used by people like Billy Blanks.
In the field of training or excercise, many consider this motto to have some truth. But does it really? The motto promises greater rewards for the price of hard and painful work. People who train and excercise or athletes are required to endure physical pain to achieve results. For this reason, many medical experts agree that the proverb is wrong for exercise.
However, I personally think this motto can give me a bit of motivation to continue my at home workouts, so I will stick to it for as long as I can.


“No pain, no gain.” 一度は耳にしたことがある表現ではないでしょうか👂




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