🌟Faux pas🌟


本日はRobert先生『Faux pas』についてお話ししてくれました✨
皆さんは、『Faux pas』とはどういうことかご存知でしょう😧❓

Be careful not to commit a faux pas while in a foreign country!

Faux pas /fo pɑ/ is an expression borrowed from French: faux (“false, wrong”) and pas (“step”). It means an embarrassing mistake in etiquette or manners.

Because of different rules of ettiquette between the States and Japan, I admittedly have commited some faux pas during my time in Japan. I will share one of them with you here.

As you all know, places such as hotels and restaurants sometimes provide a pair of slippers that are just for use in the toilet. Well, it`s easy to forget that you`re wearing them, especially after a few drinks. I have worn toilet slippers back to my table at an izakaya. Oops !

While it is considered a faux pas, a lot of foreigners end up doing this at one time or another.
Have you?

Faux pasの表現をしてるRobert先生(´▽`*)

『Faux pas』はフランス語の発音になり、意味は(社交上の)失言や非礼となります🎩

皆さんは、海外に行ったときなどに『Faux pas』を起こしてしまったことはありますか❓😓

とても発音も難しいので、是非Robert先生『Faux pas』についてお話ししてみてください🧐

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