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We, ourselves, may often say, “I like this,” or “I don’t like this,” as if fate has chosen our preferences for us. We cling to what is easy for one or more of our senses and discard other choices on the same whim. What is that from? Is hereditary, or a mix of our social configuration that forces those preferences that we echo? I think there is more to it and a choice as well. When I was in highschool I wanted to enjoy Japanese culture but when I tasted green tea and seaweed for the first time I gagged. I couldn’t handle it. There were no tastes that I was familiar with and I associated the flavors with things that were not edible or safe to consume. As immpossible as it was at first I didn’t quit. I took preference to them. Any chance at them I would choose those things I did not like and consume them lightly until I could understand what made them so delicious and my mind would ask for them by recall. I think of it like a reationship with a friend.
The best friends in life are not always the ones a person immediately sees eye-to-eye with. The best friends, I beleive, challenge one to grow and to enjoy things once hated and make those same things the ones you look forward too. I take all the qualities of that friend and think of them highly and important. I think of their needs and preferences and I make them my own. I try hard to make their preferences more important than my own. I enjoy every bit of time I get with them that way. I think that’s what firends are supposed to do. That is the same thing that happened to my flavor pallet.
Food tastes better than ever before when I began to chose what I like. The most interesting flavors are wrappedup inside the things I once hated, but now would prefer over anything else without hesitation. I now love green tea more than any other beverage and the bitter sweet flavor of matcha is the height of that discovery. Though, negatively, I think I have become a bit of a snob in my preferences of tea. Every savory dish tastes better with seaweed. Maybe you too could try this out, and take hold of your preferences, choose your pallet and enjoy the complexity of more things than ever before in a world with a wider canvas.









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