⚽European Championships⚽



Hi everybody! I started in working in Ikebukuro again so it’s my first blog for a long time. This week I have been watching soccer. It’s the European Championships and people in my country,England,are very excited as we think we have a good team and might win.
We beat Ukraine 4-0 this week, and now we will play Denmark in the semi-finals. I woke up at 4am to watch but it was ok as I went to bed very early! My sister , her boyfriend and their children called me on the internet and were all singing loudly. I hope England will win as it will make them very happy!
It’s good to see sports taking place this summer, the soccer competition was supposed to be held last year but was cancelled due to the pandemic, like the Tokyo Olympics. I hope by next year things will be fully back to normal.


皆さん、European Championshipsは見ましたか❓


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