🎉End of year🎉


本日は スコットランドの講師Alan先生が今年のクリスマスと年越しについてお話してくれました🎉

Its almost the end of the year and time to wind down and prepare for 2021. Christmas time in Japan for me means spending time with my family, exchanging gifts, eating delicious food and relaxing getting ready for New Years.

Usually at Christmas we eat chicken, potatoes, gravy and vegetables. It is also tradition for after the meal to relax and watch a Christmas movie.We also enjoy putting up a Christmas tree to brighten up the living room.

Usually at New Years, It can be a good time to celebrate at a party or day out but things will be different this year as 2020 has been a tough year. What do you plan on doing for New Years? I will be having a quiet celebration with family and plan to take a nice long walk on New Years Day.

Hopefully you can have a nice year end holiday and come back refreshed for 2021. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a very happy New Year!

皆さんは今年のEnd of yearは何をするご予定ですか❔


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