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Halloween has become famous all throughout Japan recently, but did you know that there’s a holiday the next day, too? In the Western world, Halloween actually has another name: All Hallow’s Eve. We dress as scary monsters on Halloween because they are a symbol of those who have died, but then the next day we celebrate the lives of holy people, or Saints. This is why November 1st is called All Saints Day.

The history of the Christian church is very complicated, but usually the church names people who did a great service for them, and they are named Saints. There are many different Saints, like Saint Peter, Saint John, and many, many others. However, there are also a lot of people who could be called Saints that church never noticed. This is why All-Saints Day is called “All-Saints”: it is actually for all of the saints, both known and not known!

This was the purpose of the holiday, but Halloween has lost so much of its Christian influence in the West that many Westerners don’t know that Halloween was meant as the first celebration of All-Saints Day. In fact, many Christians in the West now even oppose Halloween for being a celebration of demons!

All-Saints Day is not commonly celebrated anymore, but is normally recognized by clergy members (people who run the church, like Priests, Pastors, and so on). A usual All-Saints Day celebration consists of a feast and a pray offered to remember the Saints who have gone to Heaven involving candles. However, this may be why it is no longer celebrated even with Christians. Kids receive plenty of candy on Halloween, and there’s a big feast already on Christmas (and also on Thanksgiving in America). Families may not have enough food for another feast at the beginning of the month!

皆さんは、ハロウィンの次の日にAll Saints Dayという祝日があるのはご存知でしたか?😳

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