本日はカルフォルニア出身の講師Chris先生が秋の時期に人気のpumpkin spiceについてお話してくれました🎃

The heat has finally started to subside and the cool winds have reached Tokyo. The fall weather in Tokyo is very pleasant and actually has color-changing leaves, as opposed to the green-to-brown color changing leaves in California. One popular tradition in the United States during the fall season are the flavors. Over the years, Pumpkin Spice has become a Flavor of Fall, especially since we traditionally eat pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving. If you have yet to experience the power of pumpkin spice, it has a sweet, pumpkin taste, along with a hint of cinnamon. It started as a flavor to eat, but you can now find candles with the same scent! What are some traditional foods and flavors from where you are from?

皆さんはpumpkin spiceを味わったことがおありでしょうか?



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