How do I study Japanese?
Many people ask me how do I study Japanese. I studied Japanese at my university. At first it was so difficult because I had to learn hiragana, katakana, and also hundreds of kanji, but I always enjoyed it because everything was so new. I felt like I could see the world opening up right in front of my eyes with so many new experiences waiting for me if I just studied hard. Now, here I am today, living in Japan and practicing my Japanese every day speaking with my Japanese friends.

I’m still not perfect at Japanese but I practice everyday by reading light novels in Japanese and listening to Japanese music. When I read light novels in Japanese there are a lot of Chinese characters that I don’t understand but I take the time to look up the meaning and how to read the character. Then I write a memo in my notebook and try to use the new vocabulary word in my daily life. Usually my Japanese friends tell me if what I’m saying sounds strange or if it’s unnatural Japanese. So everyday I’m learning something new. When I listen to Japanese music I like to look at the lyrics while I listen. This is a great way to improve my listening ability.

I think learning new languages is so much fun. And it’s great to keep your brain working by learning new things.




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