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Many students ask me about where they should visit in Australia. I usually suggest either Cairns if you like nature, or Melbourne if you prefer art and culture.

Cairns is very close to the famous Great Barrier Reef, it’s a very nice place to go scuba diving. The Cairns Zoo is also really great, animals have lots of space to move around and you can see lots of cute native Australian animals like kangaroos, koalas and wombats. If you’re really adventurous though, you should try a “crocodile safari” where you get on a boat and go see lots of wild crocodiles.

There are lots of interesting art museums and exhibits in Melbourne and they also have an event, called MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival) every year, where you can see some really interesting foreign movies. Melbourne is also the coffee capital of Australia, with so many amazing cafes that nobody ever goes to Starbucks.

Wherever you go though, I hope you have a great time if you go to Australia in the future!



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