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The Most Beautiful Place in Canada Part 2

Canada is a beautiful country. Nature is everywhere that you look. But when it comes to breathtaking scenery some places stand above the rest. One of these locations is a place called Tofino.

Tofino has a nickname in Canada. It’s known as “surfers paradise” and I believe it’s true. Tofino is a day’s drive from Victoria. The drive takes you through many small towns on Vancouver Island and through one of the oldest forests in the world.

When you arrive in Tofino you should be prepared for long beach days. There are too many fantastic beaches to list. In the town of Tofino you can rent surfboards, wetsuits, paddle boards and so much more. If it’s your first time surfing there’s no need to worry, the waves are calm and forgiving to first timers.

After surfing all day you’ll probably be hungry. The best place to get food in Tofino is a very famous food truck called Tacofino. They serve many different delicious foods but their signature dish is their fish tacos.

As the evening begins the best thing to do is buy some firewood at the local convenience store and head to the beach. Locals have beach bonfires and watch the sunset. Tofino is an incredible town and a perfect place to relax.

If you’re thinking about visiting Vancouver, planning an extra few days to visit Tofino is a must.



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