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The Most Beautiful Place in Canada Part 1

Canada is a beautiful country. Nature is everywhere that you look. But when it comes to breathtaking scenery some places stand above the rest. One of these locations is a place called Lake Louise.

Lake Louise is tucked away in the Rocky Mountains just a short drive from Calgary. The drive from the town to the lake always excites me. The road turns and curves through a thick forest of old pine trees. The smell through the forest is clean and calming.

The lake is at the foot of 2 grand mountains and surrounded by a massive forest. In the summer time the water is an emerald green and is a perfect place to take photos. Summer is the busiest time to visit Lake Louise and because of that many people try to arrive by sunrise.

However, my favorite season to visit Lake Louise is in the middle of winter. The forest transforms into an incredible storybook scene. The snow sits perfectly on the branches of the trees and the lake freezes over turning from emerald to sapphire. Although it is much colder, I believe winter is the best time to visit Lake Louise.

If you ever visit Canada please think about visiting Lake Louise. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.




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