🌟He shouted to me!🌟



He shouted to me!

Prepositions can be difficult in English and getting them wrong can give the wrong impression. Let’s consider these two sentences:
⦁ He shouted at me!
⦁ He shouted to me!
Although they might look similar they have very different meanings. When we use to, with these action words like shout and throw its meaning is closer to “give.” My Mum shouted TO me from across the road and started waving.
When we use at with action words like throw and shout the meaning is more like “hit.” We’re aiming when we throw or shout at someone. My Mother shouted AT me when I stole some cookies.
Let’s practice and fill in the blanks.

1. In dodgeball practice, he threw the ball __ me.
2. In soccer practice, he threw the ball __ me.
3. I heard her shouting __ him, she wasn’t happy.
4. I saw her wave and shout __ me from the bridge.
5. The teacher was angry when the children threw snowballs __ him.
6. The man threw the darts __ the board.
7. I heard him shout __ me from the crowd before I scored.

Let me know how you get on and please don’t throw anything at me!





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