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本日はイギリス出身の講師JoeにFish & Chipsならぬ、Pie & Mashについて教えてもらいました🌟

An Ode To Pie & Mash

Across the world, many people have heard of the famous British dish ‘Fish & Chips’, but today I’d like to tell you about my all-time favorite comfort food from my hometown in London’s East End: Pie & Mash.

Pie & Mash is a traditional working-class meal from East London and the London Docklands that has been enjoyed by Londoners since the 19th century. It consists of a delicious and heartwarming minced-beef and cold-water-pastry pie, served with mashed potato and sometimes jellied eels and covered in a wonderful sauce called ‘liquor’. Despite its name ‘liquor’ does not contain any alcohol, and is in fact made of parsley and fish stock, usually made from the water used for the preparation of the stewed eels. It is rich with flavor, filling and very comforting and my favorite food in the entire world.

It’s association with the working class comes from its affordable and readily available ingredients; pies being an easy food to transport; and eels being one of the few forms of fish that could survive London’s famously mucky and polluted River Thames in the Victorian era. To this day, people from all backgrounds love to enjoy a plate of pie and mash for a hearty lunch in London’s East End. I hope one day I can find a place in Japan that serves it!


Castle’s Pie & Mash


fish and chipsはご存知の方も多いでしょうが、pie and mashはご存知でしたでしょうか?



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