Sit tight!便利なフレーズ第10弾!





Aramith が説明してくれました👍

Good evening, everyone! I hope that everyone is doing well today!

I know that many of you have been busy:students have been studying

for upcoming tests and people have been at work finishing documents and reports.💪

After the tests are finished and the reports are turned in,

a lot of people start to stress out about their results.

I think the best thing to do is sit tight!

“Sit tight” means to wait patiently and do nothing.


After you’ve finished your tests and reports there’s nothing else that you can do, so sit tight and try not to stress.

Just wait patiently and relax!

After all, you deserve a break from all that hard work!

Max: Ugggh…
Marlene: What’s wrong?
Max: I just turned in a report to my boss, but I don’t know if it was good enough.
Marlene: Just sit tight. At least you’re done with the report! Here, I’ll make some tea.
Max: You’re right, Marlene. Thanks!

Have a great night, everyone! See you at NOVA!




“Sit tight”

でした!皆さんもぜひ例文を考えてみてください( *´艸`)



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