Starting the day well

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a beautiful day. Today I want to share some of my daily habits that I implement in my mornings to help start the day off well, feeling more positive and ready to do my best!

1. Meditating
This is something I’ve started to do just recently but I found myself feeling less stressed and better able to handle my emotions if I start the morning with a moment of peace and quiet. You don’t need to make yourself sit down on the floor with your legs crossed like the zen masters. Instead, just spend a minute or two focusing on your breathing and “empty your mind”. We have more than enough things happening in our life at super speed so we can at least spend a couple of minutes at the start to reset.

2. Exercise
A short morning exercise will really help you shake off the drowsiness that might still linger after waking up. This could be done in the form of walking around the neighborhood, having a stretch in the living room, or maybe even a quick dance to some happy music. Exercise has been scientifically proven to help kickstart your brain and feel much more positive about the challenges that lie ahead in the day.

So this is just two of the daily habits that I do for most of my mornings. I do highly recommend that you try to implement this in your life too! Of course you can adjust this to ways that fits best for you. Some people might be able to go for a full 10km run every morning while others are better suited to try some simple 5 minute stretches.The most important thing is to find the right method that you can enjoy and consistently do everyday.
Good luck and have a great week/weekend!







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