😋My favorite Food😋
In Canada I really liked Japanese food🗼💕
But when I moved to Tokyo・・・!
I truly fell in love with it. Authentic Japanese food is nothing like the food that I could get in Canada.
The flavours are complex, deep, and delicate all at the same time✨
I enjoy most Japanese food but the one dish that stands above all others is ramen🍜🍜🍜

Ramen is so diverse.
There are so many varieties of soup, noodles, and topping👏
It fills my heart with excitement just thinking about it😆😆

I adore complex bowls with deep flavours but also
love and respect simple, earnest bowls. My current favourit bowls of ramen is from Tenkaippin.🍜✨
The rich broth has kept me warm and ful over this past winter.
Please let me know about your favourite restaurants of ramen🌸


NOVA池袋西口校 ☎03-3985-5677

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