🌟British English🌟


今日は、イギリス出身の先生が【British English】について紹介してくれます🍀




Informal phrases used in British English can be quite different from those used in U.S English.

Here are a few examples:

1. Greeting – Alright/All right?

“Alright/All right?” is used as an informal greeting in British English. It means “Hello, how are you?”. When talking to, typically male friends we might also add “mate”.

For example: “Alright mate?”

2. A fortnight

A fornight means two weeks, perhaps coming from “Fourteen nights”. An example of this would be “I’ll see you in a fortnight.”

3. Currency – Quid

In informal British English we often change the word “pound” to “quid”.

4. Gutted (adj)

Gutted means very disappointed in informal British English. For example, “I failed my driving test, I’m gutted!”

5. Tara

Tara is slang for goodbye. Tara is often used in Northern England and the Midlands. It is not used as often in the South of England (for example, London).

These are just a few examples of the diffrences between informal British and U.S English.


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