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😲Surprising Things About Japan😲
With the 2020 Olympics coming soon, many people from around the world will be visiting Japan for the first time. While Japan is a very modern country, there are also many things that will be surprising to foreigners.

One surprising thing is the cleanliness, especially in public places. The first time I visited Japan, I was amazed how clean even tourist spots were. In many other countries, tourists spots tend to be very dirty places. Even within Japanese cities are surprisingly clean.

The second surprising thing is the size. As an American, I was initially very shocked by how small everything was in Japan – the houses, the roads, the cars, etc. Whereas America is physically a very large country, Japan is a much smaller one with a very large population. As such, space is a very precious resource in Japan.

Lastly is the food. Although Japanese food is considerably delicious, it is nevertheless very different from Western food. Whereas Western cuisine staples are bread, milk, and butter; Japanese food staples are rice, noodles, and miso. Sushi is a famous example. Although fish is a very popular food all over the world, Japan is special for preparing fresh, raw fish. Most other countries tend to hesitate eating raw fish.

If you’ve gone overseas, what did you find surprising about other countries? What things about Japan do you think a special or unique?




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