NOVA渋谷校 もうすぐHalloween♪講師たちの思い出は?





①When I was really young, my friends and I would go tick-or-treating every year. For anyone who doesn’t know, trick-or-treating is a halloween event which involves kids dressing up in costumes and ringing doorbells, begging for candy from strangers.
The costumes were traditionally supposed to be scary, but they developed to the point where people rarely wear anything scary, which is also fun! I have many memories of getting back home after hours of trick-or-treating to trade chocolate and candy with my friends. When I got older, I continued to dress up, but bought my own candy instead of begging for it./UK

②Halloween wasn’t celebrated so widely when I was a child, Bonfire night ( fireworks festival) was a much bigger event held a few days after Halloween. I do vaguely remember carving pumpkins and going trick or treating once or twice./UK

③When I was a child Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. My brother and I would spend the evening knocking on strangers doors asking for candy. After a few hours we would go home and trade the undesirable candles for our favorites. My mom would bake loaves of pumpkin bread and we would sip on hot chocolate while watching Halloween movies./US


①If I joined the Shibuya event on Halloween (which I may) I’d wear a Spiderman Costume, because I’ve always dreamt of becoming a spiderbro./UK

②I wouldn’t go to the Halloween event in Shibuya out of choice, but if I were forced to go I would probably go as a ghost./UK

③ If I joined the Halloween event in Shibuya I would want to be a carved pumpkin. I think they are cute!/US



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