✨New Instructor✨



Hello, all

My name is Michael but you can call me Mike.
I was born and raised in Canada in a medium sized city called Victoria.
Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, which is a big
province on the west coast of Canada.
The climate there is very cold. It is my first time coming to Japan
but I have fallen in love with the food, culture and the people.
There are so many Japanese dishes that I love, however,
the one that I like the most has to be meat on top of udon.

My hobbies include music, food, movies and kickboxing
so if you share any of the same interests please ask me
and we can talk about them together… in English of course.

If you ever think about traveling to Canada please let me know
and I can introduce you to our special cuisine.
Have you ever heard of Beaver tails? Hawaiian pizza? or Poutine?

Let`s relax, have fun and learn English together!
I hope to see you soon everyone.



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