NOVA渋谷校 Benjamin先生の‘dad jokes’

今回はBenjamin先生による‘dad jokes’をご紹介(*^▽^*)
‘dad jokes’はそのまま、親父ギャグなんです!


Here is my essay on ‘dad jokes’ for the blog. I tried to make it easy to understand, but think it still might be too difficult ; (


Dad Jokes
Similar to “親父ギャグ” in Japanese, in English there are ‘Dad jokes’. Dad jokes are really bad jokes. People don’t usually laugh when they hear dad jokes, but I do. I love dad jokes. I love dad jokes even more than pizza, especially if the jokes are really cheesy.
In English, like in many other languages, words often have more than one meaning. For example, the word ‘cheesy’ means:
1. Something has as a strong cheese flavour
(eg. ‘These potato chips are really cheesy!’)
and 2. Something is very low quality and embarrassing
(eg. ‘This movie’s special effects are really cheesy!’)

Dad jokes often use the double meanings of words, or two different words which sound similar, to make a funny sentence.

Dad jokes are also called ‘puns’.

Some people think that dad jokes are pretty stupid, but three of the most famous and popular things from England have many dad jokes: Shakespeare, Harry Potter, and The Beatles.

Shakespeare used many dad jokes in his plays, but they are sometimes very difficult!
Harry Potter also has a French dad joke!
(the name Voldemort means ‘flight of death’ in French).
Even the name ‘The Beatles’ is a dad joke using the words ‘Beat’, like a drum beat, and Beetles’, a kind of insect.
If Shakespeare and “the Beatles”loved dad jokes, they must be pretty cool, I think.
Here is my favourite dad joke. Ready?
—When is the best time to go to the dentist?
—Two thirty!


Pretty funny, right? ‘Two thirty’ sounds like ‘tooth hurty’. You should go to the dentist when your tooth hurts.
Here are a few more really good dad jokes. Can you can see the joke?:

—What kind of fish has three eyes?
—A fiiish

—What kind of person has no body and only a nose?
—Nobody knows

—Why do crabs never give money to charity?
—Because they are shellfish

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